FAQs: Contact Lenses

Can I wear contact lenses?

It depends—more and more people can be fit into contacts now because there are more parameters and choices available. It ultimately depends on your eyes, your visual demands and your prescription. A contact lens evaluation is needed to determine if contacts are an option for you.

What is a contact lens evaluation and do I need it?

It is an extra part of the exam where we determine your contact lens prescription. We look at the health of your cornea in regards to contact lens related issues. We determine the power, base curve and material needed for the contacts. This needs to be done yearly to update the contact lens Rx. Most insurances do not cover contact lens evaluations because it is not part of the routine vision exam. The cost of the evaluations is dependent on the type of contacts and the difficulty of the case.

At what age can a child wear contacts?

It depends on the level of maturity of the child. We have fit children as young as 8, but we usually prefer to wait until age 10. You want your child responsible enough to take care of the contacts on their own. They need to be able to insert and remove the contacts as well as clean and take care of the contacts.

How do you insert and remove contact lenses?

Please watch this video for step by step instructions on how to insert and remove contact lenses.

What are bifocal contact lenses?

These lenses are designed to help you see near and far. They come in soft and rigid gas permeable designs.

What solutions should I use for my contacts?

It is important that you use the solution that your optometrist recommends. The new contact lens designs are solution selective, which means that you cannot switch from one brand to another. Using a solution that is not recommended can damage your contacts, which increases your risk for contact lens related problems. Always ask your doctor before changing solutions.

Can I use rewetting drops with my contacts?

Yes, as long as you use the rewetting drops made by the same company that makes your contact lens solutions or one that your doctor recommends. For example, if you use Opti-Free, which is made by Alcon, then your rewetting drops should also be made by Alcon. Always make sure that the rewetting drops are made for contact lens wearers. Always ask your doctor before trying any drops in your eyes.

What if I need to order more contacts?

If your contact lens prescription is current, then you can call or email the office with your requests or click here to order online.

Can you mail my contacts and/or glasses?

We can easily mail your contacts to you after the balance has been paid and if the doctor does not have to check them on your eyes. We prefer to have you pick up your glasses at the office so they can be adjusted. If you prefer to have them mailed, we can mail them after the balance has been paid.

Do you charge for shipping contacts?

Yes, there is a small fee for shipping your contacts. If you order an annual supply, shipping is free.

Can I cancel my contact lens order?

Contact lens orders can be cancelled within 24 hours. We cannot take back any opened boxes of contacts.