Contact Lenses

Our doctors fit various types of contact lenses based on each person’s unique visual demands. We offer a wide variety of choices, including the industry’s most recent advances including bifocals in soft and rigid gas permeable designs and silicone hydrogel soft contacts.

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If you are considering contacts and would like a personal consultation, call us at (608) 437-3377 to schedule an appointment at our office.

Be sure to visit our Resources page or read our quick guide below for more information. Be sure to watch this video on tips on inserting and removing contact lenses.

The quick guide to contact lens care

How to keep your lenses clean:

  • Always wash and dry hands before handling your contact lenses.
  • Rub and rinse the surface of each contact before storing.
  • Use only sterile products recommended by your optometrist to clean and disinfect your lenses. Saline solution and rewetting drops are not designed for disinfecting or storing lenses.
  • Do not use water to wash or store your contacts.
  • Contact lens solution must be discarded each time lenses are removed from the case.
  • Use fresh solution each time a lens is placed inside the case.
  • Replace your contacts with new ones using the schedule prescribed by your optometrist.
  • Keep your contact lens case clean by rinsing it with the multi-purpose solution and replace the case with a new one at least yearly.
  • Do not sleep in your contacts unless told to do so by your optometrist.
  • Do not swim with your contacts in. Wait several hours after swimming before re-inserting your contacts.
  • Do not exchange or wear someone else’s contacts.
  • Do not put your contacts in your mouth.
  • See your optometrist yearly for contact lens evaluations and to check the health of your eyes.
  • Contact lens prescriptions expire one year from prescription date.
  • If you experience any redness, discharge, pain or blurred vision, please remove your contacts and call the office immediately.