FAQs: Eye Health

What do I do for red eyes? Dry eyes? Itchy eyes?

There are a lot of different causes for all of these symptoms. We cannot diagnose the cause over the phone. Please call the office to schedule an appointment so we can properly diagnose the cause and prescribe the correct treatment.

What could be causing my vision to be cloudy?

Many things can cause your vision to appear cloudy. It may be a prescription change or an ocular health change, such as cataracts. We will need to examine your eyes to determine the cause. Please call the office for an appointment.

What are the floaters or black dots in my vision?

There are two things that can cause floaters. One is benign and the other is more serious. Both conditions have the same symptoms, so an exam would be needed to rule out the more serious condition. Please call the office for an appointment.

Can I have refractive surgery?

We can determine that after a refractive surgery evaluation. We need to determine if your prescription is stable and no longer changing. We also need to look at the health of the eyes and the corneal thickness